then comes birthdays and cake smashes



Meet Charlee, my oldest daughter. She is spunky, feisty, competitive, caring and loves her three younger sisters to death. She takes charge pretty much all the time and talks to everyone, everywhere we go. We celebrated her 6th birthday at the Cotton Candy Factory in Belmont NC and yes we temporarily dyed her hair purple because she asked for it. I love my girl!



Anna has taken pictures for us twice. She took rainbow pictures of our son when he was around a month old that turned out amazing! She recently took family photos and some cake smash pictures of my son. She is phenomenal with babies and those of us who aren’t very tech savvy. She’s very patient and captures some great moments!




Meet Jurnee, my shy, stubborn, graceful beauty of a child. She loves to do everything her sisters are doing. She is content playing by herself, coloring or playing with dolls. She loves to imitate me as "pregnant" mom. She takes time to get to know people, she wont trust just anyone. But when she does love someone or something, she is wild about it. She doesn't take no for an answer...easily. She loves everything sweet and her favorite color is orange. I love my goldie locks!